Things to See and Do in Cetona

FYI - in the summer everyone including the shops take a very long siesta - from 1:00PM until around 5:00, but everything does stay open late. The cafes and bars normally stay open during this siesta. Check the hours posted on the stores.

  • Osteria Vecchia - on side street just off the main piazza - a fabulous restaurant for all sorts of regional cuisine - takes credit card. View Business Card
  • Restaurant Sobborgo - behind and below the Bar Sobborgo at the far end of the piazza by the fountain - specializes in seafood.
  • Osteria de Merlo - Located at the end of the main piazza under the historic tower - View Business Card
  • Mondo X (la Frateria di Padre Eligio) - This is a restored monastery complex that now serves as a very exclusive hotel and restaurant, run as a sanctuary for at risk youths. Reservations are absolutely necessary, a visit and tour thru the monastery complex can also be arranged, and they have a gift shop/store that markets the wares of the people living there. The dinner menu is a prix fixe 8 course menu that changes day by day, it is expensive by Italian standards but entirely worth it for the experience and quality of the meal - it is on a five star caliber. It is located just outside of town towards Sarteano; there is a small sign that directs you up the small side road to the complex.
  • Pizzeria - there is a pizzerias on the main road leading from Cetona towards Sarteano, about 200 meters past the entrance to the main piazza across from the local supermarket.

On the Main Piazza, there is a Pharmacy (Farmacia), (4) Bars/Cafes, a hardware store (Ferramente), (2) Banks, a ceramics shop - Ceramiche Pippo, a wine/liquor shop, Bread shop, (2) small food markets, Butcher (Macelleria), Pasta Shop, Information office with Internet access, Tobacco shop with Internet access, there are some other shops on the streets leading out of the main piazza - wine/cheese shop, natural herbal products, handmade clothing & articles.
Fish Monger arrives in the main piazza on Thursday Morning - or you can get fish at the big supermarket at Querce Al Pino - see below.
Saturday Morning is the weekly town market in the main Piazza.

  • Food Stores - There are several food shops on the main piazza, and there is a small but very adequate supermarket, just outside of the main piazza, about 200 meters from the entrance to the piazza in the direction of Sarteano. There is a major supermarket and mini-mall right at the Chiusi entrance/exit to the Autostrade called Querce Al Pino.
  • Parking - You can park in the main Piazza, but it is for short term parking only. For long term or overnight parking, there are two large free parking lots just outside the main piazza; the entrance is just to the left of the school building that is opposite the entrance to the piazza, as well as several other smaller lots located around the town. When you arrive in Cetona, you can park at the end of the piazza with the fountain, and walk over to our local agents office which is on the main piazza near the fountain to pick up the house keys and drop off your luggage.
  • Trash/Recycling - Trash cans/bins can be found outside in and outside the main piazza, the big green containers are for the recycling of glass and plastic.
  • Train - The nearest train station is in Chiusi Scalo, to get to Chiusi Scalo, leave town heading for the Autostrade, cross straight over the highway and continue straight on this road for a couple of kilometers and this brings you right to the train station. This is a major stop on the rail network & very convenient.
  • Playground/Tennis - There are clay tennis courts available for use just outside of town just past the 'little' supermarket. Courts are rented for 8 Euro/hour for singles, 10 E/hr for doubles. Thee is also a playground next to the courts.
  • Museums - There are two good museums in Cetona on the history of the area.
  • Walks - There is a wonderful walk around the top of Cetona, and plenty of back roads in the surrounding countryside.
  • Wine Tasting, local cheeses and meats – Cantina La Frasca. Located just off of the main piazza, up the hill past the tower at the far end of the piazza.